Styling with plants: creating your own urban jungle!

Never have we ever seen a time when plants have become so prominent as styling items in our homes. 2020 saw us spend more time at home than ever before and realise the need for life and character in our homes.

Despite the obvious health and environmental benefits of introducing plants as part of your interior décor, there is a wide area for experimenting with types and varieties.

When choosing plants, it is important to consider your style. Plant types are often associated with particular styles, often drawn from geographical features from where the style originated. Styles with a more tropical influence tend to choose taller varieties like palms and ferns, whilst more contemporary styles tend to show use of lusher, leafier varieties like the Monstera Deliciosa or Ficus Lyrata.

MRD Home founder and planstagrammer @craigmilran showing off his stunning Anthuriums!

Another factor to consider when deciding on plant varieties is your climate. Many popular houseplant choices like the Alocasia and Caladium varieties are stunning colourful additions to any interior, but face dormancy in cooler southern climates in winter. This effectively means that the plant drops all growth, with only the bulb of the plant left to resprout in Summer.

Experts also encourage styling enthusiasts to not only experiment with indoor plants for their interiors, suggesting that outdoor plants can pack a strong visual impact. 2021 has seen the rise of the Olive tree as an interior styling hero, loved for its stunning silver foliage and Mediterranean influence. Though attractive, these outdoor plants require significant maintenance in trying to replicate outdoor conditions.

Just like with any styling element in your home, it is important to experiment with scale. Clustering plants of different heights and widths can create a really stunning focal point in the space, cementing their position in your home rather than a standalone item. In addition, it is important to consider the scale of your space because plants can actually enhance and accentuate the proportions. In smaller spaces like apartments or townhouses, clumping varieties like Philodendron are more efficient as they take up less physical space and elongate the horizontal proportions. In larger spaces, taller plants can add a sense of grandeur and vertical drama by accentuating the ceiling height. 

Another way to allow your plants to hero your space is through your pot design. While most plants come in their black plastic pot, designer pots can add theatricality and contrast to any space. Blending the pot to your existing colour palette or introducing new textures can help create a sense of cohesion, though experts warn not to create too many focal points. Experts follow the rule of either allowing the plant or pot to be the hero, not both simultaneously.

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