Ayden and Jess’ Triple Threat Block apartment is up for sale and you won’t recognise it!

Ayden and Jess Hogan’s Block 2014 Triple Threat townhouse has been listed for sale for the first time since The Block auctions and it appears almost unrecognisable!

The townhouse’s in Darling Street, South Yarra broke Block records due to the upmarket and in-demand location with winners Darren and Deanne Jolly pocketing $835,000 at auction.

Surprisingly, the indicative sale price is between $2.1mil-$2.2mil – which is only just above the initial sale price of $2mil back in 2014.

The townhouse has had a complete refresh of furniture throughout to be more suitable to the 2022 property market.


The winning living room from the season had a lovely refresh! The oversized furniture has been shrunk for a more compact layout – along with velvet and rattan furniture.

Check out more of the transformation and details on the sale at the link here!

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