The Block 2022 Filming Delayed AGAIN!!

The Block 2022 was finally due to begin filming on Tuesday 5th of April after months of planning delays on the house subdivisions, only to be delayed again on the morning of!

Sources have said that contestants were set to arrive in Gisborne on the morning of April 5th when one of the 2022 contestants tested positive for COVID-19 and halting the plans again.

This isn’t the first time COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on The Block filming. Back in 2020 at the start of the pandemic, The Block sent contestants back home over the lockdown period and paused filming for six weeks until it was safe to return.

Contestants were set to begin with a House Decider challenge until Friday April 8th, with promo filming and pre-production interviews to take place over the weekend. As per previous years, sources say that the first challenge was to create a bedroom.

It is believed that filming will begin again next week, though due to the timing of the positive test it may mean the challenge is shortened or cut entirely.

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