The Block 2022: First Couple REVEALED!

The Block went into shock this week as the announcement came that a contestant had tested positive to COVID-19 which meant filming needed to be delayed. In the meantime, the first Block couple had been leaked by insiders.

According to the Herald Sun, Neighbours star Sharon Johal and her partner Ankur Dogra are apart of the upcoming cast.

After filming was postponed this week, Sharon and Ankur were spotted at the Glamour on the Grid event in Albert Park for the F1.

Sharon has pushed boundaries in her time on Neighbours, being the first Indian Punjabi woman to be in a mainstream TV role. Not only is Sharon a successful actor, but also has previously worked as an lawyer on her move to Melbourne. Ankur works as a business advisor for a boutique firm in Melbourne.

We cannot wait to see Sharon and Ankur get up to on The Block 2022!

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