The Block 2022: Your first look at the cast of 2022!

Filming for The Block 2022 officially began on Tuesday and we have your first look at the full cast!

Earlier in the week, Sharon Johal and Ankur Dogra were revealed as contestants on the upcoming season. The pair were spotted on set speaking with a producer in preparation for filming to begin.

Influencer Elle Ferguson and her husband ex-AFL player Joel Patfull were also announced as joining the cast of The Block: Tree Change. They too were spotted on set this week as they met their new castmates.

We also got our first look at the remaining three couples, who are still at this point unknown. There are two male/female couples and one male/male couple.

Believed to be this years Victorian couple, another glamorous pair entered The Block 2022. How iconic is that pink suit!

Arriving fourth was another male/female couple who are rumoured to be from Brisbane.

Finally, we meet the male duo for this year! These guys look like they’re going to give us some laughs!

We cannot wait to see what they all get up to on The Block: Tree Change! If you know anyone in these photos, reach out to us on Instagram!

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