The Block 2022: Producers SLAMMED for ‘inhumane’ filming conditions

It’s no secret that The Block is notorious for the ‘hard slog’ that it takes to get through the fast-paced, gruelling 12 week filming schedule, and this weekend an insider source has revealed to the Daily Telegraph that contestants on this years season of The Block are fed up with their ‘inhumane’ treatment on the show.

Contestants are reportedly not happy with the lack of access to food – with the source telling the publication that some days they are lucky to receive a muesli bar and an apple each day. The lack of access to UberEats and food through the night (which has been custom of each previous season with work going on at all hours of the day) has also become a point of tension between contestants and producers.

While it’s no secret that contestants have cars and are able to drive to get food, the regional location and proximity to the Gisborne CBD no doubt makes it difficult for contestants to drive during the night given the lack of sleep.

Some fans were quick to label contestants ‘entitled’ and ‘whingers’, though it is important to remember the long-term health effects that previous contestants have suggested resulted from filming the show. At the time of filming, 2020 contestants Luke and Jasmin told NowToLove that they ‘lost so much weight their family didn’t recognise them.’

While the publication cites an insider source, it’s no secret that reality TV contestants leak information to media outlets to get their story out. Could this be a cry for help from this years contestants?

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