The Block 2022: Host Scott Cam clarifies after SLAMMING departed contestants!

The Block 2022 is only two weeks away from finishing filming after a tumultuous season – complete with one team quitting two days in!

Photo: TV Tonight

At the time, it was reported that Joel Patful and Elle Ferguson quit the show after a family emergency. News outlets claimed that not being given the option to return home occasionally to check in on an injured family member was the main motivation for leaving. At the time, Elle took to Instagram stories to say ‘Whatever you are doing, family always comes first.’

Earlier this week, The Block’s host Scott Cam referred to their departure as ‘piss-poor’ and ‘Un-Australian’, sparking some viewers to criticise Scott for being insensitive considering the serious circumstances of their departure.

TV Tonight reports that at a media event on Friday at The Block Scott backtracked on his comments.

“Obviously, I wish Joel and Elle success in the future. It’s just that they created a fair bit of chaos for us here in the first 48 hours of our show. We put a lot of time and money into the start of our show and then we had to rejig the whole thing. The whole promo had to be reshot. It just was a lot of angst on our part, when they just parted the way they did. The great news is when they left, we got another couple to come and they’re terrific.

“They’re a great young couple with young kids. So that’s what The Block‘s about. Someone leaves, someone comes. But of course, Joel & Elle, I hope they go well and have great success in the future. It’s just sometimes The Block‘s not for everybody. And when I say those words, that’s just Scott Cam speaking.”

Keen to find out who replaced Elle and Joel on The Block 2022? Stay tuned for the reveal in the next few days!

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