The Block 2022: The replacement couple are finally REVEALED!

The Block 2022 was rocked by scandal in the very first 48 hours of filming, with Elle Ferguson and Joel Patful’s infamous walkout during the 48hr challenge still surrounded by controversy months on.

In their absence, a new couple was appointed to take over the renovation of their house. We can officially confirm that the new couple are Rachel and Ryan Carr.

Rachel and Ryan with their three kids.

Rachel and Ryan have three kids together, but are no strangers to the renovating game. The pair own and run The RR Design Co, a ‘home design and renovation company’. The business’ Instagram bio cites 15 years of experience in the suburbs of Sydney.

At a media event speaking with TV Tonight, host Scott Cam described them as ‘terrific’ and a ‘great young couple’.

This is in stark contrast to the parting shots targeted at Elle and Joel – who he described as piss-poor and un-Australian.

With only days left of filming at the Gisborne site, we can’t wait to see how the facades of this years homes turn out! Stay tuned for more updates over the coming days!

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