The Block 2022: Everything we know about Scotty’s build!

The Block 2022 is just around the corner and for the first time ever Scott Cam will be renovating his one of the houses alongside the contestants! Here’s the exclusive scoop on everything we know so far about Scotty’s house….


The home as construction began in late 2021!

Scotty will be renovating the original property at 207 McGeorge Road which belonged to the McGeorge family. The house serviced the farmland stretch on McGeorge Road and was believed to have been built in the early 1900’s but in recent years fell into disrepair. After The Block acquired the land, structural work on the interior and roofline was done to ensure its integrity during construction.


Two of The Block’s best craftsmen are back this season to help Scotty in building his home. Spence Thomson – who first appeared alongside wife Kerrie back in 2018 on The Gatwick is back this year as Scotty’s carpenter. Kerrie and Spence were famous for their craftsmanship in construction across their season – so no doubt Scotty’s house is going to be defect free! Duncan Miller from The Block 2010 is also back this season to lend a hand as Scotty’s painter and builder in the McGeorge House.


It’s believed that Scotty’s house will be a communal gathering space for filming throughout the season. On the first day of filming, the contestant introductions were filmed around the front facade of the home. Along with holding the illusive production schedule and production equipment, it is rumoured that Scotty’s house will be where the drama unfolds for body corporate and budget blowout meetings.

No doubt that Scotty building his own house will bring back some construction in amongst all the usual drama of The Block. Who else can’t wait?!?!

One response to “The Block 2022: Everything we know about Scotty’s build!”

  1. Cannot wait! Also hoping when the property is open for inspection there will be shuttle buses running to & from Gisborne railway station!

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