The Block 2022: Executive producer reveals the REAL reason Elle and Joel quit!

The Block 2022 is only days away from beginning and already the truth behind the shock exit of Elle Ferguson and Joel Patful is becoming more apparent.

At the time, the pair quit the show claiming a family emergency was the reason behind the departure. On the day, Elle took to her Instagram stories and said that ‘Family always comes first’. It was revealed that Joel’s mother had a fall and that their departure was to help provide her care from home.

Speaking to Herald Sun’s Fiona Byrne, Block executive producer Julian Cress claims that there was actually more to the story.

After just 48 hours, the pair claimed that the show wasn’t ‘on-brand’ for them. It seems they were also opposed to wearing hi-vis – which makes me wonder whether they’ve even watched the show?

Time will tell how it all panned out and whether or not there was truth to their original story.

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