The Block 2022: Episode 2 Recap!

Welcome to Episode 2! Judging by the promos this episode was teasing a lot of drama, so lets get right into it!

The episode begins with contestants being close to room reveals for their House Decider rooms. Everyone is frantic trying to reach the deadline as per normal!

Scotty calls ‘tools down’ and the contestants arrive at HQ for the very first time. In a foreshadowing of what was to come, Scotty teases the couples that now is a good time to leave if they think they can’t cope and jokes that there is a couple ready to replace them. THIS IS YOUR FAULT SCOTTY YOU ENCOURAGED THEM! Anyways….

Each of the couples seem confident about their rooms – so lets see what the judges thought.

First, the judges head to Tom and Sarah-Jane’s room. The judges were amazed that the room was a challenge room and created in 64 hours. They love how the couple nod to the location of the house.

Next, they head to Dylan and Jenny’s challenge room. The judges thought that the vibe wasn’t vibing. The styling was too urban and too much for them – but they did love the execution from The Block’s first tradie couple.

Over to Joel and Elle, the judges were a bit perplexed. Shaynna questioned where they actually were, given that the room had a Bondi vibe to it. After removing the traditional skirting and cornicing and replacing it with squares-set finishes, the judges didn’t believe that their room was suitable for any heritage home on this season.

For Joel and Elle, this is where the drama starts. After receiving the bad feedback, both turn around to discuss what was said before Elle says to “just smile”.

Ankur and Sharon are next on the list, and the feedback was mixed. The judges agreed that they acknowledged the location of the house, but thought it had a very rustic feel and a mancave-vibe. They did however nail the execution.

The final couple for the first judging was Omar and Oz. The judges thought the room was very generic. They loved how they kept the original VJ boards – however the aluminium black window they added was not the right choice for the heritage house.

The verdict is in and Tom and Sarah-Jane take out the win and choose House 1. Dylan and Jenny are second-place and take House 4 which was the hot choice for all the contestants. Ankur and Sharon are third and take House 3. Joel and Elle are fourth and move (temporarily!) to House 2. Omar and Oz get everyone’s leftovers and stay in House 5.

The next day it’s promo day – where they film the commercials and ads for the show. Usually this isn’t a day that is featured on-screen so obviously this is where the drama goes down.

After not appearing in the morning for the shoot, producers began their search for Elle and Joel. A phone call reveals that they have quit the show and are at the airport.

Scotty reveals the news to the contestants and says that the departing pair told executive producer Julian Cress that the show wasn’t ‘on-brand’ for them.

Sarah-Jane saw it coming from a mile away – claiming that Elle and Joel were distant from the start and didn’t make an effort to get to know them.

Scotty shares the news that a new couple will be there to replace them in a few days time! Rachel and Ryan are on there way! Bring on Rachel and Ryan!

Come back tomorrow for our Episode 3 recap!

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