The Block 2022: Week 1 Bathroom judging!

The first week on The Block is officially done and the rooms are in! This week the contestants were tasked with delivering the main bathroom which is located in the original weatherboard portion of their homes. It was really interesting to see how the contestants payed homage to the location in their bathrooms, so lets look at the design highs and lows.


What a stunning bathroom. The use of the deep blue on the VJ panelling adds depth to the room and really accentuates the stunning ceiling heights which give the space a sense of grandeur.

The gold accents across the space are successful, consistent and work to give the space a sense of maturity and sophistication. The tile choices are also impeccable and work to give a subtle nod to the country location.

As even Tom and Sarah-Jane said, the shower screen is too short. It really needed to go up another 20-30cm to avoid splashing. I also think the shower screen didn’t need a door and didn’t need to span the length that it is. I have never seen a towel rail in the shower itself but I can imagine though that with a door on the shower, the trapped humidity would probably give you damp towels, so that might be something that they need to fix later on.


Rachel and Ryan are Block miracles and I mean it. Each of the other couples had months to plan out each room and establish their style and somehow with no plans, Rachel and Ryan delivered this stunning bathroom.

No doubt it’s a very contemporary bathroom, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. With all the other houses taking a modern farmhouse style, it’s a smart move to follow a path that sets you apart from the other couples.

The tile choice really compliment each other well and work to create the warm contemporary vibe of the space.

Do I think the double shower is necessary? Probably not. But in the event that that’s what a buyer was looking for, it is a smart move.

In contrast to House 1, the shower space is too wide and open. I’m not too sure how well it would keep the humidity in.

Overall though, a really great room.


I know the judges caned this room, but I think with a few minor fixes and tweaks this could be a really successful room.

The marble geometric tiles are perfect for the room but having the two dark walls either side makes the room feel quite narrow. The nib wall shower screen is another point of issue for me. It blocks off the visual flow of the room and would have been more successful as a full glass panel instead.

The various glossy surfaces are also quite jarring and overbearing in how they reflect – contributing to an overwhelming feeling in the space. I think the way to fix this would be to get rid of the wall sconces above the mirror in favour of something more sleek which occupies less visual space. I do feel like a skylight or two in the space would have really given it a much more inviting and pleasant feel.

I do however like the styling that they’ve chosen. It works to give the space warmth and character.


This is quite a good bathroom on all fronts from Jenny and Dylan. On one hand, it satisfies the judges with the subtle nods to country through panelling and picture rails. And on the other hand, it’s an appealing bathroom to buyers who aren’t likely to dislike anything about the room.

I love the hallway followed by the arch. It gives it a sense of grandeur and really creates a successful flow between the two spaces.

Jenny and Dylan have the advantage of quite a large window which adds a considerable amount of natural light and gives the space an airy feel.

I don’t actually dislike anything about this room – well done Dylan and Jenny!


This is definitely a very deserving winning room from Omar and Oz.

The material palette in the space is stunning. Usually it might appear too busy but they pull it off with ease. There are so many different patterns in the space but they all compliment each other.

The lighting is also very successful – creating ambience and task lighting in the places that its required.

The room is also quite generous in proportions. I think they could have reduced the size of the space but I’m glad they didn’t because it gives the space a sense of luxury and openness.

Kitchens and bathrooms sell houses – so good work Omar and Oz!

2 responses to “The Block 2022: Week 1 Bathroom judging!”

  1. Oz and Omar done a wonderfull job on their bath rooms and exspecially on their kitchen it’s spectacular.The judges should be over whelmed by the good job the boys have done to their house,And to remind you all the judges want the boys to loose that’s why they give the boys low score,,Nice try by the judges but the boys will come thru on AUCTION DAY,,,,,Good on you Omar and Oz keep up the good work and get it all finished,,,


  2. I agree entirely,What a beautifull house OMAR and OZ have done ,They are the blocks winners on AUCTION DAY,Dood Luck Boys Love yous


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