The Block 2022: Block judge Shaynna Blaze victim of horror attack!

TRIGGER WARNING: Distressing content and mentions of violence.

The Block judge and interior designer Shaynna Blaze has spoken out after a violent unprovoked street attack.

On April 18 2020, Mark Christopher Surmon attacked Shaynna – punching her from behind and striking her left cheek. The attack caused her to fall to the ground and injure her chin.

While she cried for help, Surmon attempted to silence her by covering her mouth and face with his hands.

Her attacker was jailed for 100 days from April 5 2022, but launched an appeal to avoid facing jail time. The appeal was dismissed and Surmon now faces a full sentence.

Surmon’s lawyers attempted to argue that he had schizophrenia, which the court acknowledged by handing him a community corrections order.

“Crimes like this need to stop and punishment and rehabilitation are both important levers for our society,” Blaze said to the court.

“I hope he gets the help he needs so this doesn’t happen to anyone else”.

In recent years, Blaze has become an advocate against violence. During her winning stint on Celebrity Apprentice in 2021, Blaze launched charity Voice of Change.

Through the show, Blaze raised almost $500,000 for Voice of Change and continues to run initiatives to aid the crisis.

If you would like to donate to Voice of Change, click here.

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