Here we go again! Everything we know about The Block 2022 cheating scandal!

Looks like tensions are running high this week on The Block with promos teasing an upcoming cheating scandal to rock The Block.

Even though nothing could probably top the Cheating Scandal Photo saga that plagued the Fans V Faves season in 2021, Daily Mail have released details about the falling out and who is involved.

Apparently the controversy arises with Sharon and Ankur who allegedly break the rules during this weeks challenge.

The challenge is themed around wine and apparently they googled to be able to recreate it for the challenge.

This reportedly makes the other couples furious, given that the prize for the challenge is worth $50,000.

Speaking to TV Week, Sharon doesn’t believe they broke any rules given that they weren’t told they could not google the name.

‘We weren’t telling the other contestants we googled it because… it’s a competition and it was time for us to finally get competitive,’ she said.

‘We knew the wine well and have been presented it many times. We knew it wasn’t cheating because it wasn’t against the rules to search it.’

Looks like competition in Gisborne is heating up!

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