The Block 2022: Judges accuse FAVOURITES of cheating!


Allegations of plagiarism and cheating have arisen for Block 2022 favourite Tom and Sarah-Jane.

Last night the pair delivered their kids bedroom which was met with wide praise from all three judges for their choice of styling pieces.

On Monday morning, judges Shaynna Blaze and Darren Palmer took to Instagram to acknowledge that the room was copied from renowned Melbourne interior designer Kate Walker.

The similarities between the spaces are the wall colour and panelling, bone inlay furniture, rattan bassinet and stone side table which were used. Though there are strong similarities, there are also features which make it unique. The choice in lighting, wardrobes, drapery, artwork and lounge are all original.

‘Any contestant coming onto The Block is well advised to have inspiration ready for their rooms. Noting one or two elements and making them your own is what makes your inspiration stay authentic,’ said Darren Palmer in a post to Instagram.

In another post to Instagram, Shaynna Blaze explained that ‘In the world of Pinterest, Instagram and access it gives us to designs around the country and the world there is so much incredible work to aspire to.

We all take inspiration when we’re designing, but you have to change the source of that inspiration a minimum 30% to be able to say it’s your design.’

She also explained that she has spoken to the original designer Kate Walker and she ‘has been very understanding’.

On Monday afternoon, Tom and Sarah-Jane took to Instagram to address the allegations.

‘I am not a designer trying to rip off another designer’s work. I am a social worker who is building a house on a TV show and wanted that amazing room in the home. If it was in my own home, no one would be saying the hurtful things they have been.’

‘I wanted that exact look and that’s OK. As I’m not a designer I was unaware of a 30% rule and honestly if I could have found the actual items Kate used I probably would have, that’s how much I needed that nursery in this house. I’m not ashamed or embarrassed of what I did.’

Judging by the pairs Instagram caption, it seems as though producers found out after filming was complete and are now trying to squeeze the drama off-screen for a viral social media moment.

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